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The art of growing fresh herbs..

Sunrise Herbs will treat your taste buds to the ultimate fresh herb experience through growing a top quality, safe, eco-friendly product using natural plant protection methods.


All our fresh herbs are harvested by hand, double-graded for quality and required washing before use. They are vacuum cooled and stored in cold store.


We have latest processing equipments to sort, wash and sanitize herbs as per your specific requirements

A pest-free AND pesticide-free fresh herb is achieved by:




Flexible Packaging..

We can package produce in variety of ways, including volume supply to meet any requirement

 Growing strong healthy herb plants that are pest resistant.

 Using herbal sprays to combat insects only when they appear.

 Hand grading the fresh herbs

  Assured quality standards

  Consumer ready product

  Manufacturer ready product

  Volumes large or small

  The best quality herbs in the UK

  Unbeatable freshness

 Packaging to meet any requirements

Sunrise Fresh Produce offers:

Contact Us:

Telephone  : 01842 - 824402
Email   : info@sunriseproduce.co.uk               kuldip@sunriseproduce.co.uk               vick@sunriseproduce.co.uk